Covid-19 Update

We will be using this page to update you on any news pertaining to our shop and your orders placed with us. Because no one knows how long this situation will last, we want to have a location here on our website where we can update you on changes made from our suppliers.

We are online, and supplying items that people need to make face masks and other protective gear, we will stay open to serve your needs as long as our health and state requirements allow. This business is operated out of a warehouse on the owners property, so as long as the owner stays healthy and able, we are able to stay open. 

Please know that any of this information can change at any time. We are doing our best to get your pre-orders out to you as soon as we can.  If at any point you want to change your pre-order, or want to cancel, please email us on our contact us page. We are happy to to work with you.

Below is a list of our suppliers and their current status.  Note that these are dates that the manufacturer will ship to us, so please allow for shipments to arrive, and processing to get it shipped out to you. Delays can happen in this unusual time in our society. Please understand we are doing our best.

Manufacturer Collection Name Original Ship Date Expected Delivery Notes Last Modified 
Elastic Various vendors in stock! more coming soon! we will try to keep this in stock! 3/25/2020
Wilmington Prints Hot Cocoa Bar May May Warehouse closed until May 3/25/2020
  Snow Valley April May   3/25/2020
  Dry Brush April May   3/25/2020
  Cardinal Noel May May   3/25/2020
  Sundance Meadow June June   3/25/2020
Windham Fabrics Baby Milestone Mats March April   3/25/2020
  Winter Gnomes June June   3/25/2020
  Whale Tales May May   3/25/2020
  Potpourri June June   3/25/2020
Timeless  Treasures Miscellaneous Collections April March/April - on time   3/25/2020
  What's the Buzz March Arriving March 31   3/27/2020
  A Dogs Life March Arriving March 31   3/27/2020
Northcott Rod and Reel March April   3/25/2020
  A View From Here April April   3/25/2020
  Catch of the Day March April   3/25/2020
  Swept Away March April   3/25/2020
  Artisan Sprit Shimmer March March   3/25/2020
  Santa's Helper August August   3/25/2020
Blend Farm Friends April     3/25/2020
  Congo Hippos March April   3/25/2020
Moda Jolly Season May May   3/25/2020
  Midnight Magic May May   3/25/2020
  Deer Christmas June June   3/25/2020
  Naughty or Nice June June   3/25/2020
  Tiger Fly / Zip Metallic April April   3/25/2020
Riley Blake Pirate Tales July July   3/25/2020
  Hocus Pocus April April   3/25/2020
  Fisher-Price May May   3/25/2020
  Santa Claus Lane May May   3/25/2020
  Christmas Traditions May May   3/25/2020
  A Classic Christmas July July   3/25/2020
Henry Glass Holiday Heartland May May   3/25/2020
  Silent Night May May   3/25/2020
  Best Friends Farm April April   3/25/2020
  A Haunting We Will Glow April April   3/25/2020
Susy Bee Bill and Bob March/April April ? Warehouse closed 3/25/2020
  Flutter March/April April ?   3/25/2020
In The Beginning       Warehouse closed 3/25/2020
Clothworks       Warehouse closed 3/25/2020


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