Q: The panel is not printed straight on the fabric, what now?
Manufacturers do their best to print panels on the straight-of-grain. Often they are off a bit, and this is not something that we can fix or control. We are happy to answer questions prior to your purchase about the panels. 

Q: What does it mean when it says something like ".5 yard plus 7 inches remaining for $x.xx" in the product description?
A: This means that we have two pieces of fabric remaining in stock, one is .5 yard and one is 7" off the bolt for the price offered. Please only put a quantity of 1 in the shopping cart to receive that amount. When we offer end of bolt items like this, we sell it as is and we don't make further cuts off of it. 

Q: Will you adjust your shipping rates for me?
A: Our pricing structure is based on the price of the fabric and the shipping/handling fees. We charge a flat rate shipping/handling fee up to $250 in the United States. If you purchase over $250 you can get free shipping! 

Q: When I order a quarter yard - will I get a fat quarter or 9" off the bolt? 
A: If you order one quarter yard, it will be shipped as a fat quarter (unless you notify us and let us know that you would prefer 9" cut off the bolt. As a standard rule, we ship fat quarters unless it is a fabric where the design isn't the same on the other side. Yardage ordered over .25 yard will always come as continuous yardage. If we don't have continuous yardage, we will always make contact with you prior to shipping and confirm if this will work with your proejct.

Q: How do I know if Bug Fabric is a safe place to purchase fabric online?
A: This is a great question! We've been in business since 2001 selling top quality fabrics. We work hard to ensure your information is safe and secure. You can always tell if you are on a secure site by ensuring that the URL starts with https:// when you enter any private information in. When browsing a site it doesn't need to be secure (http://) but the "s" means secure - and always make sure it is there on any site that you are providing private information such as your credit card.

Q: Should I pre-wash my fabric before using it?
A: It is a personal preference to pre-wash or sew and then wash. Each situation is different depending on what you are making. When sewing with panels, it is suggested that you sew then wash them, or you can iron them with a hot steam iron to remove some of the shrinkage if it does shrink. It is suggested that you wash "like colored" fabrics together so if there is any color run it won't damaged lighter colored fabrics in the load. Most fabrics have great colorfast agents so they shouldn't fade, however due to the nature of how batiks are made, they may have more color run depending on how much rinsing happened when manufacturered.

Q: What if Bug Fabric doesn't have the quantity ordered?
A: We had the option of "contact us" or "send what you have" or "cancel" - however it wasn't noticable (customers were missing this) so we turned that off on the site. We are going back to our standard customer service of emailing or calling you if we don't have what you ordered in one continuous piece. We want you happy with what you receive! We don't want it to be a communication issue.
Q: What is the width of your fabrics?
A: Our fabrics unless otherwise stated are standard 44/45" width.

Q: What is the fabric content of your fabrics?
A: Our fabrics are 100% cotton unless otherwise stated. 

Q: What is the difference between Flannel & Fleece?
A: Flannel is usually 100% cotton fabric which has been flanned. Fleece is usually 100% polyester with a much larger pile. They are two very different types of fabrics.

Q: Do you carry knit woven fabrics?
A: All of our fabrics are 100% cotton woven fabrics. Usually a knit has stetch. We don't carry the stretch knit fabrics. Our fleece fabrics have stretch to them, but probably not what you are looking for with a knit.
Q: What is your minimum yardage cut?
A: Our minimum cut is 1/4 yard on most fabrics. We ship a fat quarter as a standard, if you would prefer 9" off the bolt please email us and let us know after you place your order.