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New Collections 2018 

Alpha-Fish -- designed by Art Loft for Studio E Fabrics

Carnivale -- by Debi Payne for QT Fabrics

Ballerina Bows -- by RBD Designs for Riley Blake Designs

Beeloved / You are my Sunshine -- by Gail Cadden for Timeless Treasures Fabrics

Bigfoot Flannel -- by Michael Miller Fabrics

Carnivale -- by Debi Payne for QT Fabrics

Coastal / Beach -- by Timeless Treasures Fabrics

Confetti Blossoms -- by Turnowsky for QT Fabrics

Cottontail Cottage -- by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda Fabrics

Dear Mum -- by Robin Pickens for Moda Fabrics

Dig It -- by Timeless Treasures Fabrics

Essential Gems -- Precuts by Wilmington Prints

Everglades -- by Betsy Siber for Michael Miller Fabrics

Farm Life -- by Kate Mawdsley for Henry Glass

Fast Track -- by First Blush Studios for Henry Glass Fabrics

Fresh Water Life -- by Tracy Lizotte for Elizabeth's Studios

Funanimals -- by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics

Garden Gathering -- by Jane Maday for Wilmington Prints

Hello World... Good Day -- by Cori Dantini for Blend Fabrics

Hildy, the Goat -- by Susy Bee Fabrics

Hold Your Horses -- by Greg Giordano for Penny Rose Fabrics

Home Sweet Home -- by Stacy Iset Hsu for Moda Fabrics

Hummingbird Bouquet -- by Oleg Gavrilov for Elizabeth's Studio

In Deep Ship -- by Jacobs Dujets for QT Fabrics

Knightley the Elephant -- by Susy Bee Fabrics

Lakeside Fun -- by Masha D'yans for Clothworks

Let's Go Glamping -- by Anne Rowan for Wilmington Prints

Letterpress -- by Deborah Edwards for Northcott Fabrics

Little Squirt -- by Studio8 for QT Fabrics

Matthew's Mini Monsters -- by Matthew Pridemore for Contempo Studios

Meridian -- by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics

Mighty Machines -- by Lydia Nelson for Moda Fabrics

Oops A Daisy -- by Kanvas Studios

On the Farm -- by Dear Stella

On The Road -- by Studio 8 for QT Fabrics

One Sheep, Two Sheep -- by Arrolyn Weiderhold for Wilmington Prints

Panda Love -- by Kelly Panacci for Riley Blake Fabrics

Pastiche -- by Jason Yenter for In The Beginning Fabrics

Pepper & Flax -- designed by Corey Yoder for Moda Fabrics

Plumage -- by Chad Barrett, a Michael Davis design for Wilmington Prints

Poppy Perfection -- by Jane Shasky for Henry Glass Fabrics

Royal Red Cardinals -- by Michael Davis for Wilmington Prints

Scarlet Dance Poppies -- by Cynthia Coulter for Wilmington Prints

Scottish Charm -- by Kanvas Studios

Seafood Shack -- by Kathy Hatch for Northcott Fabrics

Silver Shadows Wolf -- by Springs Creative

Simply Neutral -- by Northcott Fabrics

Stellar Baby -- by Abi Hall for Moda Fabrics

Stonehenge Prehistoric -- by Linda Ludovico for Northcott Fabrics

Sugar & Spice -- by Cori Dantini for Blend Fabrics

Tivoli Garden -- by Anne Rowan for Wilmington Prints

Totally Tropical Artisan Batiks -- by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Tranquility -- by Lynnea Washburn for QT Fabrics

Treasure Island Pirates -- by Timeless Treasures Fabrics

When I am Big -- by Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Keubler for Henry Glass


Collections Alphebetically: A - D

Collections Alphebetically: E - H

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